Эксклюзив! Анна Хилькевич купила квартиру
The actress managed to achieve his dream.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Right now, when Anna is expecting her second child, she was able to realize a longtime dream and buy their own accommodation in Moscow — a two-bedroom apartment. “It happened not so long ago, but we’ve already moved there and made the repairs. Attached to the floor of the unborn baby: the nursery is painted in neutral tones. While the design is executed in eco-style”, — said the actress 7days.ru.

Recently, Anna decided to have a Frank conversation with your fans. Pregnant
the actress said that she is unable to control your
weight. Star of TV series “Univer” has gained more than 14 kilograms.
By the time when Anna would have to have a second child (this
will happen in about a month and a half), this figure will increase
more. Lee is afraid that will not be able to return the slender figure and
shares his experiences with those who follow her life.

I have to admit: I weigh more than 60 pounds (despite the fact that to
pregnancy my weight was 46-47) and this is not the limit. There is still somewhere
1.5 months… But I can not do anything. Weight grows, and the will
reduced. But I want to at all now here to give my word that I will give
in shape! I’m almost a “pitoresco”. I can… yeah, you?” —
requests support from fans of Anna.

really Lee nothing is going through. Last pregnancy it also
scored quite a lot of extra pounds, which is quite fast
was able to get rid of. A week after the birth of Arianna, the actress got rid of 11 kilos during the waiting girls.