Экс-супруга Кержакова рассекретила нового возлюбленного Ekaterina Safronova ceased to hide feelings for the chosen one. For a long time the young woman did not disclose his favorite. The followers were happy for ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov, who, in all probability, found their happiness.

      Экс-супруга Кержакова рассекретила нового возлюбленного

      After parting with the famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov his ex-wife Catherine Safronova long fought for the right to educate their son Igor. However, justice was not on the side of the mother. In the end it was decided that the boy will live with his father. Kerzhakov himself married the daughter of a Senator of Milan Tulip.

      It is possible that Catherine finally found happiness and found your soulmate. Long time ex-wife Kerzhakov did not publish images of their choice in the microblog. Apparently, now she is so confident in the beloved that did not hide him from prying eyes. However, Safronov did not provide any additional information about her choice. In pictures of lovers look very happy.

      Fans were happy for Catherine and wished her to maintain a reverent attitude for many years. “My Zaya, what a beauty you are! If people like, then they should get a perfect pair”, “Katya, do you are very similar! A beautiful couple, “Be happy now! Cherish every moment,” wrote the followers of Catherine.

      Many even suggested that it was this man – the father of her third child. Not so long ago, Catherine again became a mother. Safronov gave birth to a charming girl called Stephanie. Also the woman has a daughter Sofia from his first marriage to the famous hockey player Kirill Safronov. The son, who now lives Kerzhakov with a new wife, according to men, does not remember his own mother.

      “I don’t regret anything, especially because I have a beautiful son, whom I love very much. About Catherine, he does not remember, and I said goodbye to this man in the most tragic sense of the word – to me it doesn’t exist. Now I just wish my child was healthy and developing, want to defend and protect his family from external influences,” said Alexander.

      A famous footballer no doubt that his new bride quickly becomes friends with his heirs. Milana is now bringing up children of their spouse. Wife Kerzhakov: “Sasha really wants a baby”