Бывшая жена и дочь вступились за Джонни Деппа

Former common-law wife johnny Peppa Vanessa Paradis and the couple’s daughter Lily-rose Depp, is deeply shocked as all of society, statements amber heard that Hollywood actor beat her and otherwise humiliated for the last few years, including fifteen months of married life.

Бывшая жена и дочь вступились за Джонни Деппа
French actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom johnny never got to the altar, while gain of two, wrote an open letter in which he defended Depp. The couple broke up in 2012 after 14 years of relationship, but even in spite of a difficult breakup, Vanessa – on the side of the father of their children.
“Johnny Depp is a father of two my children. He’s a sensitive, loving person, and I sincerely believe that recent accusations his side are false. In all the years that I knew him, he never hurt or abused me, with this man I have lived 14 wonderful years of my life,” wrote Paradis, referring to the army of haters, which created the amber with his statements.

The eldest child of johnny and Vanessa Lily-rose had turned seventeen years old (they have a 14-year-old son Jack). It is reported that children, for obvious reasons, hated Hurd, destroyed their perfect little world family. On his page in social network Lily-rose also spoke in defense of his dad.
“My dad is the nicest, most loving person I know. He was more than a wonderful father to me and my brother Jack, and everyone who knows him will say the same” — posted aspiring model and actress.
Recall that amber filed for divorce from her husband after fifteen years of marriage. The woman even managed to achieve a temporary restraining order, according to which johnny not to approach the herd at a distance closer than one hundred meters. The actress wanted to keep him away even from their dogs, however, the court considered it unnecessary.

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