Пэрис Джексон окрасила волосы в цвет платья подружки

Prom bridesmaids only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson will be remembered by all for a long time, because her companion, who had accompanied her to the school dance, was … Paris herself. Simply jacket and bangs, painted in the color of the dress his girlfriend, she must say, looked original and sort of charming.

“Only true friends dye their hair in colors of their prom dresses bridesmaids” — written by Ms. Jackson under a photo posted on her page in the social network.
After Paris said it was “fun night with fun ladies and best date that ever was in her life.”
We will remind that last week the girl again got a tattoo in honor of his legendary father, inspired by the cover of his album Dangerous.
“The meaning of life in each of its manifestations. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in our world.. Never forget your roots and always be proud of where you came from” — said Paris.

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