Экс-солистка «Виа Гры» станет новой ведущей «Ревизорро»

In the popular show, changes: Lena Flying was superseded by the TV presenter Olga Romanov.

Former soloist of the famous group “via Gra” Olga Romanov is preparing to replace Lena Volatile on the show “Revizorro”.

Strict blonde woman afraid of all restaurateurs and hoteliers, will now Shine in other shows, but what it is remains a mystery.

It is known that the candidacy of searing brunette has not yet been approved, but it’s a matter of time. Apart from Olga, to take the post of chief auditor of the country offered Nikita Dzhigurda, but he decided to give up.

We will remind, last week the Internet exploded with the news: Flying gets married, leaves the program “Revizorro” and she’s pregnant! About the interesting position of Lena journalists hinted some of her friends. No sooner had the fans to be happy for star, as she decided to make a statement.

“Dear colleagues journalists! How can you speculate such Holy things as children?! For God’s Sake! I’m not pregnant. As unverified information to publish,” said the presenter in his video.

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