Irina Saltykova was injured on the show “Without insurance”

Ирина Салтыкова получила травму на шоу «Без страховки»

The singer during the performance touched the fastening of the cable and received a blow to the temple.

Fortunately, Irina’s health is not at risk. She escaped injury and fright, refusing the help of doctors.

As it became known, the accident happened due to the fact that the partners Irina Saltykova Alexei Nemov and fighter Jeff Monson during the trick-let her go early. The artist touched the fastening of the rope and got hit in the head with a metal carabiner from the scenery.

Of surprise and pain Saltykov covered his face with his hands and left the stage. To her aid, of course, immediately resorted administrators of the program, but making sure that the injury is not very strong, the doctors did not call.

Anyway, the incident left an unpleasant aftertaste and the audience, “Without insurance”, and the other members of the show.

Irina Saltykova, recall, was not the first victim on the program. Her failures during performances overtook Daria Ekamasova, Valery Nikolaev, Kristina Asmus, Nastasya Sambursky and many others.

Moreover, many celebrities after injury at the insistence of doctors and state of health are unable to return to the show.

However, such an outcome is quite understandable. Participants in the “No insurance” within a few days of training are forced to show the jury the most difficult stunts that professional athletes prepare for years.

Video published by Irina Saltykova (@irinasaltykova_official) Jan 5 2015 at 9:38 am PDT

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