Ex-husband of Gwen Stefani is risking children’s health

Бывший муж Гвен Стефани рискует здоровьем детей

Careless Gavin Rossdale, ex-husband of Gwen Stefani, with whom she divorced last summer, has forced to doubt its adequacy. The musician risked the health of their youngest singer with the son of Apollo, not using safety helmet and child seat while Cycling the streets of Santa Monica.

Бывший муж Гвен Стефани рискует здоровьем детей

Бывший муж Гвен Стефани рискует здоровьем детей
Two-year-old Gavin just held in one hand while the other held the steering wheel of the vehicle.
Rossdale and Stefani divorce shared custody of three of his sons equally. In a recent interview the artist stated that he considers this decision unjust. One can only imagine what Gwen would say, seeing the pictures taken by the paparazzi.

Recall that the cause of separation of spouses after ten years of marriage was the Gavin affair with the nanny of their children mindy Minn. The latter, incidentally, is pregnant now, and secular chroniclers believe that his father may be Rossdale. Field of the scandalous divorce Gavin and mindy keep in touch, from time to time see together. Menn and runs his own centre of children’s leisure, open with the money she gave generous and kind Gwen.


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