Ex-husband Meghan Markle decided to publicly ridicule

Экс-супруг Меган Маркл решил ее публично высмеять
The rejected husband and I decided to keep Megan’s scores.

Meghan Markle and Trevor Egilson


The former husband of actress 36-year-old Meghan Markle, TV producer Trevor Egilson,
planned a subtle revenge. He wants to make a Comedy series, which is going
to make fun of the novel by his former wife with Prince Harry. Formally, the characters will wear
other names. But the series is planned to fill transparent hints, so that
no one doubts that we are talking and Megan and Harry. Work on a pilot series has already started: she ordered the Fox. However, fascinated by the idea of revenge, Trevor, it seems a little
overdone: after all, as it became known, speech in the new series will focus on the couple
which collapsed due to the fault of a certain foreign Prince. But actually, the Markle
left Egilson not to the Prince, and to the other boyfriend. Harry appeared in
her life only three years later.

Trevor and Megan were married for only two years: they
married in September 2011 and divorced in August 2013. And, as
according to friends of the couple, the couple had very little chance to save your marriage.
Both were very ambitious and is just starting his career in show business.
So the idea of working took them to a much greater extent than the problems
in the relationship. But the point in the marriage decided to put it Markle, and Egilson
felt offended.

But after Megan left her husband, she met
young pretty chef Cory Vitiello. It was his and not Trevor, she
up for Harry, who met in the summer of 2016. As claimed, it
Prince introduced a longtime PAL of the actress — restaurateur Marcus Anderson, who, by the way, recently received
honor to sit next to her at the stadium in Toronto, which Harry participated in
the opening of the Invictus Games — games for athletes
injured in the fighting.