Бывшая любовница Леонардо Ди Каприо поквиталась с бросившим ее актером
Nina Agdal teases Hollywood star candid photos.

Бывшая любовница Леонардо Ди Каприо поквиталась с бросившим ее актером

Leonardo DiCaprio


Nina Agdal

Photo: @ninaagdal Nina Agdal Instagram

According to friends of Leonardo Di Caprio, between the actor and Nina, which
he broke up in may this year, began a “duel”. Although claimed to be Nina
and Leo broke up peacefully and maintained friendly relations, this seems to be completely
not so.

Has not passed also month from the moment
as Leo left her, as she rushed into the arms of another man — handsome Jack
Brinkley-Cook. And Nina doesn’t just have an affair, and doing everything to her constantly
was seen in the company of her charming lover. Moreover, the new boyfriend of Nina is not
only handsome, he is also 20 years younger than Leo. In addition, he is the son
famous parents: his father Peter cook is a famous British actor and
the writer and her mother is supermodel Christie Brinkley.
However, according to girlfriend 25-year-old Nina, Jack really desperate
fell in love with Nina, and she only uses it to annoy DiCaprio…

In response to the actions of Nina, Leo made his “move”. DiCaprio, who is very
having fun this summer, began to generously share pictures of your vacation in Saint-Tropez,
where he is constantly surrounded by a harem of new girls models in swimsuits. And
recently in the media there is a new photo of the actor was caught flirting with one of the
beauties, which, apparently, was his new “passion” — 22-year-old Daphne Groeneveld.

And Agdal to show Leo that it is no worse than his new lady, and
to make him regret the decision to leave Nina, in response, published its very
spectacular photos. The model showed her magnificent figure in all its glory, starring
naked, hiding, with only their “strategic point”. Further
developments will show what the return “stroke” DiCaprio.