Naked Natalia Shturm want to take with Alexei Panin

Обнаженную Наталью Штурм хотят свести с Алексеем Паниным Singer criticized fans. Natalia Shturm stated that specifically lays out similar pictures to the followers followed her example and get involved in sport. According to star, she is indifferent to the attacks of others.
Обнаженную Наталью Штурм хотят свести с Алексеем Паниным

Latest pictures of star 90s Natalya Sturm in Instagram caused a heated discussion. Fans resent due to a too-candid shots of celebrities. Singer every day subscribers teases naked shots, showing a lovely figure and delicious Breasts.

However, not all followers of the Storm happy with these updates in her microblog. This time the enemies showed up so much that she broke down and said spiteful critics. According to the artist, under whose tastes she to adapt will not. A woman puts up sexy pictures to as many people as possible looked at her and tuned in a positive way. Natalia Sturm staged a “naked” swim

“I’m not going to change as “the boy on the donkey” to please the crowd. I will continue to show what I think is beautiful, creative and artistic, good body I have trained, unlike your flabby languages. Journalists and thank you for missing the point – I’m really into fitness for 20 years. And like any person who can boast, share their achievements with the audience. The goal is to help more and more people were slender, healthy and positive” – cut star.

But angry members and then did not reply. They asked Natalia Assault to stop making excuses and start to put decent photos in a swimsuit. But the singer reiterated that she has a gorgeous body, and she doesn’t care about the stupid things they say lazy people.

Обнаженную Наталью Штурм хотят свести с Алексеем Паниным“Say thank you, that answered, and ran to the hall.” – wrote a blog celebrity.

Some netizens believe that the artist is sunbathing on the beach with Alexei Panin, who is also different love for the places where nudists. The star herself says she loves to relax in such places.

Singer Natalia Shturm known to the audience for the hit “high School romance” which blew up dancefloors in the second half of the 90s. Now, the actress is almost not engaged in music, however, continues to grow in other areas of art. So, the star has written six books and starred in five films. She loves to travel and a lot of time on appearance. Sometimes Natalia Shturm acts in night clubs, at corporate events and retro discos.

In one of the recent posts star has put together a series of covers and imagery for advertising campaigns. On all pictures woman posing in sexy lingerie sets.

“To make excuses for his trained body – idiocy. It is the norm for people of all ages. Love yourself, exercise, fitness, the buzz from himself. Down with the complexes, the main thing is to start and hard to go to the goal: to have the body, eye-catching and women and men,” said Sturm.