Евгений Осин разругался с Натальей Штурм The actor refused to help colleagues. Natalia Shturm reported that Evgeny Osin rebuked her for what she called doctors that could accurately diagnose him. The woman no longer wishes to interfere in the Affairs of the singer.
Евгений Осин разругался с Натальей Штурм

A few days ago “StarHit” reported that the star of the 90s Evgeniya Osina feet. The man started raising funds for surgery to help him regain health. According to the artist, he had problems with the spine. Natalia Sturm volunteered to help a colleague. A few days ago she visited the singer and found out how he fared. Eugene Aspen’s legs were paralyzed

According to the woman, aspen suffers from alcoholism, and he does not have to give money, as it will spend on drink the money collected. Natalia called doctors who were supposed to help the artist, but he refused to be surveyed and had a fight with Sturm.

“We have to make excuses for the desire to help a longtime friend, Eugene Aspen, which not only refused any real help, but still, in a telephone conversation reproached that it was not the doctors, and framed. So I more did not touch him that he doesn’t drink and never drank. And nothing he treated is not necessary. OK! I know that he does not need money. He only needed medical help. But every man the architect of his own life,” Natalia wrote in the microblog.

Many have accused Natalya in that it is promoted on this story. According to the singer, she just wanted to be kind to help a friend. At the end of the post, she turned to Aspen.

“Do what you want. And I did what I could. Want to be treated, through your sister give contacts. With you I don’t want to do business,” added singer.

In the video, the doctors say that they need to see the singer. Presumably, his problems with the feet can be caused by polyneuropathy, as nerve damage or diabetes.

We will remind, Evgenie Osin also claims that he recently broke his shoulder, unsuccessfully hitting on the concrete wall. The artist regrets that he can not again to give concerts.

“To hold your guitar can’t, and watch performances on stage and not have to forget. Sadly, fans have come to see me funny guy in bell-bottom pants, now it’s nothing left,” explained Osin “StarHit”.

According to a man, the former spouse of the actor Natalia and his daughter Agnes did not go with him, that’s why he asks for help from people.