Chris Martin and Dua Lipa open meet

Крис Мартин и Дуа Липа открыто встречаются

The Coldplay frontman and ex-husband of Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow Chris Martin has recovered after breaking up with Annabelle Wallis, and, almost without a break, had an affair with singer Dua Lipa. The girl is only 21, but that didn’t stop her from trying to not to lose your head from the musician, who is older than her 19 years.

At Glastonbury they openly kissed in front of everybody, not paying attention to the crowd surrounding them. As it turns out, the outbreak was preceded by a long correspondence.
“Dua told friends that she and Chris recently texted a lot so-called business”, — said the source “But now that excuse now seems ridiculous”
Forty years Martin and his colleague worked together on a song together, and she was in seventh heaven. cooperating with a star of this magnitude.
“It was a really magical experience. I feel like screaming “pinch me”. I sat beside him at the piano, listened and could not hear the voice that I heard on the radio my whole life,” said Dua, in an interview, which implies that the girl has long been crazy about Chris. I wonder what it will say Gwyneth Paltrow, loves to stick his nose into the love Affairs of her former husband.