Евгения Медведева нашла способ справиться с эмоциями после «отобранного золота»
The skater shared personal experiences.

Alina Sagitova, Evgeny Medvedev with coach Eteri Tutberidze


Yesterday skater Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva won two medals at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. The Russians competed for the victory. Many predicted the victory of Eugenia, but she lost to Alina and won the silver medal. About her “loss” expressed by many. Tatiana Tarasova said that the judges “took away from Eugenie gold.” Ilya Averbukh confessed in an interview that, from his point of view had to win Medvedev. Irina Rodnina expressed that, despite the victory of Sagitova, her heart-side “Eugene”. It is obvious that none of them wanted to hurt Alina. Just knowing the emotion Eugenia, she wanted to support.

As with the experiences of coped Medvedev? The answer to this question she gave the next day after the competition. Eugene found an effective way to deal with emotions: start to keep a diary. Skater escaped thus from unwanted thoughts and now ready to compete for the title of “best”. “That night, slept very little, three hours. Much over than managed to think. For example, I decided to start keeping a diary. It helped me to Fess up a storm of emotions. Spent time with benefit, does not hurt,” admitted Eugene. Medvedev has indicated that it does not intend to leave after the incident from the sport.

“I won’t look back because there’s no coming back. It is simply meaningless. There is still a great sports life, which I am going to go many, many years. I will do everything in my power”, — said the athlete.

Sagitova, meanwhile, admitted that the next day after the ceremony felt like an Olympic champion. It is, incidentally, also said about the intention to achieve even greater success in figure skating. Thus the public will long continue to observe the opposition of the Russian athletes.