Evgeny Lazarev died after a long illness

Евгений Лазарев умер после продолжительной болезни People’s artist of the RSFSR, a lot of shooting in Hollywood, has died on 80-m to year of life. Son of the star, Nikolai Lazarev, confirmed to reporters this information. Relatives and friends of Yevgeny sorry about his death.

      Евгений Лазарев умер после продолжительной болезни

      Today in mass media there was information that died a Soviet and American actor Evgeny Lazarev. People’s artist of the RSFSR was 79 years old. Journalists reported that Evgeny Nikolaevich passed away after a long battle with the disease in the Central military hospital named after Vishnevsky.

      “It is impossible to believe… Beloved, darling, dear Evgeny Nikolaevich… He is a lump of Atlant from the old guard. And he is not old and never made… It was a man, next to which the space changes. Which with all his might, all his energy covers and changes everything around. But no pressure. With him I wanted to be around. And he has such a wonderful, real family, it’s rare. Anna Andreevna, beautiful, noble and stately, his wife, and nick (Nikolay Lazarev, Jr.), his incarnation and continuation, a talented artist and now also a teacher of GITIS. The wheel of fate made a circle… Dear Evgeny Nikolaevich, what you gave is priceless, the feeling of near you, the heat, the words, the knowledge and the feeling of life when you live for a higher purpose and your whole life is proof that your love will stay with me forever. Cry. The Kingdom Of Heaven!” – wrote in the social network Facebook actress Zhanna Vorobyova.

      Evgeny Lazarev was born March 31, 1937 in Minsk. A graduate of School-Studio of MKHAT, he was not only an actor but a Director and as an educator. At different times, Lazarev worked at the Riga Russian drama theatre, the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre and the theatre of Mossovet. The actor also starred in such films as “Crime and punishment”, “Private life”, “Once twenty years later”, “Fathers and grandfathers”.

      In the 90 Lazarev moved to the United States. He lived and worked in Los Angeles, was a member of the American Guild of actors. The man not only acted in films and serials, but many taught in foreign universities. So, in 2009, he taught a course on the basics of directing, the students of the School of arts of the University of southern California. In Hollywood Lazarev was busy in such films as “Lord of war”, “Iron man 2”, “Pink Panther 2”, “Price of fear” and “Holy.”

      Nikolai Lazarev, son of the famous actor confirmed Life.ru the news that his father died in a military hospital.