Евгения Брик: «У нас с Марией Мироновой один психолог»
The actress spoke about the difficult situation in my family.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Evgenia Brik openly admitted that he applied for help to
psychologist. After his father’s death, the actress took
on the role of head of the family, but not
could this psychologically cope.

“I was too afraid for my mother and sister. Then I’ve already played, earned
money. Remember, sent them to rest at sea and called for 56 times a day
worried: how they arrived, how they came… Everything is controlled, down to
, where to put towels. I just, without even realizing it, took
himself the father’s role, although this could not be done. Even my grandmother, who
now 95 years old, always said, “You can’t panic anyone
reason, you will not last long”. And then friends of the family advised me
to go to a psychologist and it really helped, says Brick. — People underestimate the work of the psychologist. A
I think that all problems can be discussed in family or with friends in the kitchen, but
this is not so. In some point I became afraid to fly on airplanes, and
to overcome aerophobia I also was helped by a psychologist.

By the way, it turned out that
the time she worked with Masha Mironova. What a small world! In General, when
somebody shares with me their problems and tragedies, I never say:
“Will pass, time heals all wounds”. It’s not true. Psychologists really need. I
she eventually took courses in psychology to understand not only themselves, but also

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