Евгений Плющенко встал на защиту Аделины Сотниковой
Recently appeared information about the fact that the skater Adelina Sotnikova will be in the 2017-2018 season.

Евгений Плющенко встал на защиту Аделины Сотниковой

The girl’s coach Evgeni Plushenko said that the girl has a serious injury. Many famous athletes have expressed the opinion that this is Adelina’s sports career will end, but Plushenko angered by such talk.

“I’m 34, went through 15 surgeries, my coach believed in me when no one didn’t believe in me and all it was funny, but we with Alexey Nikolaevich Mishin won four Olympic medals in the last four Olympiads for Russia, for our great sporting nation! Although it’s not the easiest period in your life and many of my colleagues, who recently applauded you and praise you, now give very strange comments. You’re a great athlete! Let me remind you all! The first in the history of Russian women’s figure skating-Olympic champion! Instead of supporting a girl with a severe ankle injury, which is not easy, you pounced on her! Adelinka, I know how hard it is, he went through it. I am ashamed of my colleagues, was a shame! Fellow trainers, she is a member of the national team of the Russian team, not the enemy!” – said Eugene.

It is worth noting that Sotnikova went to Yevgeny Plushenko in April and hopes to conquer new heights with him.

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