Evelina Bledans has rejuvenated two important parts of the body

Эвелина Бледанс омолодила две важные части тела
The actress underwent the procedure biorevitalization.

Photo: Instagram

Evelina Bledans never deceives fans and colleagues. 48-year-old star always says, what are procedures done to look younger, and plastic surgery decided. For example, publicly all over the country Evelina said that he had had plastic surgery for breast augmentation, and even honestly, why would she do that. At that moment, the actress has divorced her young husband and thought it would help hold it… to No avail. But now Evelyn has lovely Breasts, not worse, than in youth, and even better.

This time Bledans took the places on your body that are most “give” the age of the woman: hands and décolleté area. Earlier women had to use gloves, drape neck and chest with scarves, and now simply invest in yourself a certain amount of money. Moreover, it is not too expensive. Biorevitalisation, which made Evelina, costs only 5 thousand rubles. Yes, you need to do the whole course, but it is not exorbitant millions.

However, Bledans knows that it is not procedures a single need to retain youth and beauty. The actress regularly plays sports and watches his diet. All of this plus regular visits to a beautician and a healthy sleep help to her in almost 50 look 35.

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