Evan Rachel wood has achieved equality court

Эван Рэйчел Вуд добилась равноправия судом

30-year-old actress Evan Rachel wood a woman is strong and persistent. To achieve equality and justice it is decided by the court. After many meetings and unpleasant stories, she still managed to succeed. To avoid charges of discrimination, the producers of HBO’s third season of “the wild West” in which the actress plays one of the cyborgs, even the salaries of men and women.

Эван Рэйчел Вуд добилась равноправия судом

The actress just couldn’t contain his joy and told The Wrap of his emotions: “When I said about equal pay, I barely restrained tears. I’ve never been paid as much as male colleagues”.

Early Evan Rachel wood was made by the Judicial Committee of the United States and testified about the rape committed against her. Celebrity also insisted on the adoption of amendments to the Law on violence against women in all 50 States.

In his five-minute speech, the star told in detail about the cruel abuse, the victim of which it has become, and on the consequences of the incident.

“It happened gradually, and over time has worsened. Then followed the threats on my life. The man who spoke of love to me, raping me. But the worst part was that he tied my legs and hands. He tortured me mentally and physically. This lasted until the moment when my abuser began to feel that I’m trying to prove and to show him my love,” she said.

“In those moments when I was tortured, beaten, and told me terrible things, I thought I might die. And not just because my abuser said, “I can kill you at any moment.” Also due to the fact that it seemed to me that the body does not belong to me. I’m too much afraid to run away,” recalled the actress, noting that survivors of rape often become victims.

Wood also said that twice tried to commit suicide, and then was forced to go to a psychiatric clinic: “It was a turning point in my life when I sought professional help to cope with their trauma. However, not everyone is so lucky, and for others sometimes it ends with a failure.”

Recall that the first rape actress said last fall. “People wonder why many women are not told about this before. After all, if one woman will make a public statement, it will immediately appear, and others with the same problem, and then the gate opens,” he told the star. However, names Agresso Evan never called.