Eva Longoria told what gave her the nature

Ева Лонгория рассказала, чем «наградила» ее природа

Actress Eva Longoria, the most vivid role which is the role of Gabrielle Solis in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”, made a sensational confession. It turns out that almost from the teenage years of hair coloring for her mandatory procedure, and not a whim and not following fashion trends.

The fact that the head of the actress is full of gray hair, which she hides by painting: “By the age of 18 I was already full of grey hair thanks to my mother. Since the natural color of my hair black, and they grow very quickly, I have every two weeks to touch up roots, which is very troublesome. Not only that I tried to do without this procedure. Tried to touch up the roots and mascara, and shadows.“

Which wines Longoria mom this, she said. Most likely the actress was referring to heredity and genes.