Ева Лонгория продемонстрировала внушительный «беременный» животик
The actress complained that she can’t fit into their newly bought clothes.

Eva Longoria


As previously reported, the 42-year-old Eva Longoria is preparing soon to become a mother in
for the first time. And although, as the actress confessed that she feels “over the moon
of happiness”, something is still a bit disappointing. Eva nostalgic
his once delicate waist and sad to find that she had already “grow” from
just purchased her clothing.

“My sweaters more at my belly decidedly not fit… I’m trying
pull them down, and they crawl up…” — the actress has signed funny video
which captured his “battle” with the clothes. “Prepare to spend the rest of
his “interesting situation” with a special maternity leggings and wide
dresses on top… How I dream about the moment when will be able again to climb with voi
favorite jeans…” confessed Eva.

That Longoria got pregnant for the first time in 41 years,
the actress announced in early January. “New year, new adventures. I
so grateful husband and destiny for amazing kids, which I’m so excited and already
managed to fall in love!” — then admitted the actress. However, the rumors that she’s pregnant
her husband Jose of Bastogne began to walk at the end of the last autumn.

By the way, Eva, who is helping Jose with his three children from a previous
marriage, had in the role of stepmother to acquire such an experience in education that now is not
feeling helpless in anticipation of her first child. “Our family will be
only one “child” anymore, so to me it would not be “new”… What
however, does not make the waiting less joyful and exciting!” — said Longoria.
As told earlier the actress, she already knows the sex of the baby is a boy.
However, the name for his parents has not yet been invented.