Ева Лонгория разочарована семейной жизнью
The actress openly spoke about her marriage.

Eva Longoria, Jose Baston

Photo: Splash News/East news

Eva Longoria, who got married with Jose Baston in may of this year in Mexico
decided to share his impressions about the first two months of their marriage. The actress admitted she even a little
disappointed, how little has changed in her life after the wedding. “I guess so
happened because Jose is a long time
the established couple and live together for three
year!” — said Longoria.

says 41-year-old actress, she’s just madly in love with her husband. “He’s a real
a gentleman, very mannered and elegant… And, of course, he is a great dad to his three
children … ” he told eve. Children who
mentioned the actress — his offspring from his first marriage. Longoria found them the perfect contact and
loved as if they were her own.

as for Longoria plans to acquire its own offspring, it
she is in no hurry. “I’m too busy. We together with josé contemplating reconstruction of our
a new home in Hollywood. In addition, we many have to travel between
Los Angeles and Mexico city where he runs his business, my husband…” — admitted the actress.

she is extremely passionate about his new project. Longoria tries
myself as a designer and preparing for the first show of his collection
clothing. Interestingly, the actress did not go for advice to her best friend, Victoria Beckham, cotorra has extensive experience in the fashion industry. “We have very different
style!” said Longoria.

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