Эрос Рамаззотти отказался выступать в Эстонии, Армении и России

Sad news for fans of musician Eros Ramazzotti has received today from the company Trident Music Srl organizer of the world tour Italian.

Representatives of the company said that Ramazzotti, is held after the concert in Minsk on March 26 refused to tour in Estonia, Armenia and Russia. This decision took Eros “due to the breach of contractual obligations by the Russian organizer of the tours in these countries “Global communication”.

As noted by the production company, the Russian organizer “repeatedly violated the agreed monetary obligations intended to cover the costs of holding the show Ramazzotti at a high international level”.

“We waited until the very last moment, when you could still have time to ensure the highest quality show as planned, but we still have not received payments for upcoming shows”, — stated in the message.

The situation is actually serious and the producers of the musician can even pay to the court to determine where money was spent.

Representatives of the organizing company yet do not give any comments.

Recall that Eros Ramazzotti had to visit the capital on 2-3 April. His performances were to be held in “Crocus city Hall”. It is noteworthy, but the site concert venue, information about the cancellation of the concerts yet, and tickets are still available for purchase.

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