Дана Борисова стала жертвой аферистов

Dana Borisova was another example of that on the phone unknown never under any circumstances speak to your Bank card data, otherwise you can be left with nothing. That almost happened with the TV star.

Intending to sell my car brand “Mercedes” Dana had no idea that instead of real buyers you meet some scams and fraudsters who will Rob her in broad daylight.

How the theft occurred Borisov says personally: “They called me and said that I wanted to buy my car as soon as possible. Explained that they are now in China and transferred the money to my card and then go pick up the car. And asked to tell all details of my card. Just a couple of minutes, I phoned the Bank employee who explained that I want to transfer the money and I need to tell your code word to translate. I called, and literally two minutes from my card, withdrew all the money, and it is 240 thousand rubles.”

Of course, leaving the scammers without punishment Given is not going in the near future intends to apply to the police for fraud.

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