Эрика Баду спровоцировала скандал из-за высказывания о Гителе и Косби

46-year-old American singer Erika Badu has appeared in the scandal center after the interview to Vulture where she talked about the fact that he sees the good in everyone. The singer has found the good in Adolf Hitler and bill Cosby.

“I see the good in everyone. I have found some good in Hitler. Yes, it was. Hitler was a great artist,” says Badu.

David Marcus, who then spoke with the singer objected to this statement: “No, he was not! And even if he was, what does his skills as an artist have to do with “good” in him?!”

But Eric went on to prove his point. “Well, he was a terrible artist. Poor guy. He had a horrible childhood. Looking at my daughter and imagine what it would be like if she grew up in poor conditions, what could be the consequences. I see these things,” says the singer.

In response to another question, she spoke about bill Cosby, who was on trial for rape. Fifty women have accused the actor and producer of violent action. However, Erica Badu in an interview tried to rise to his defense and said he didn’t want to judge him.

“Because I love bill Cosby. I like what he has done for the world. If he’s sick, why should I mad at him? I’m really sorry injured people. I want them to feel good. But sick people do evil. Sick hurt people,” said the singer.

The artwork of Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, fascist and tyrant who sent millions of people to the light because of its Imperial ambitions, will be auctioned. German media reported that the cost of each lot of 14 presented varies from 1 dollar to 50 thousand.

Recall that Adolf, in his youth, twice failed the entrance exams at the Vienna Academy of arts, although critics point out that a certain talent, Hitler was still. Who knows how it would have changed history if the energy and thoughts of Adolf was aimed at the creation of beauty.
By the way, earlier it was reported that an edited volume “Hitler. My struggle” became a bestseller in Germany, but in Russia the book is forbidden as extremist.