Eric trump did not consider people enemies of his father

Эрик Трамп не считает людьми противников своего отца

The son of the current President of the United States of America Donald trump Eric is in his father’s footsteps. And it’s not in the sense that the guy decided to go from business into politics, and in his statements, which is not very popular with the public. So, the other day Eric said that he does not consider people enemies of Donald.

About this 33-year-old said in an interview with Fox News channel. Eric Donaldini succumbed to harsh criticism of Americans who condemn almost every step of the President.
“I’ve never seen such hatred. For me they are not people. It is very very sad. As a country we deserve better than this” — emotionally said Eric.
According to trump Jr., the Democratic party puts a spoke in the wheel due to the fact that she failed.
“They have exhausted their ideas, they have nothing to say to people, because they try to interfere with my family. They’re watching us with undisguised anger, and it’s really terrible,” says Eric.