Сотрудники «скорой» отказались госпитализировать беременную жену Дениса Майданова The singer was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” Boris Korchenkov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Denis Maidanov has frankly told about the family tragedy. The medical staff, “ambulance” refused to hospitalize pregnant and bleeding artist’s wife Natalia.
Сотрудники «скорой» отказались госпитализировать беременную жену Дениса Майданова

Denis Maidan became a guest of the talk show “the Destiny of man”. He visited the program along with his wife Natalia. The singer told: when they were expecting a second child – Borislav, the artist went on tour, leaving his wife alone at home. Maidan recalls with horror what happened to her in his absence.

Сотрудники «скорой» отказались госпитализировать беременную жену Дениса Майданова“A son was born January 4-5, Natasha had “cesaret”. We have appointed on 24 December, would like to finish before the New year. But Borislav was born 11 December! I was on the road in Riga and didn’t know they lived here a crazy night! My mother called and said, “You don’t know what happened…” – said Denis.
Сотрудники «скорой» отказались госпитализировать беременную жену Дениса Майданова

Natalia shared her terrible memories of the fateful night. She’ll admit, the night she had severe bleeding, she couldn’t get out of bed. The woman decided to call an ambulance, the responding employees reported that they had no stretcher to be hospitalized.

“The night of 10 to 11 of December I started bleeding very scary, in this case it is only necessary to lie, in any case not to go. Beneath me was a blur puddle of blood… with trembling hands I began to call “ambulance”. Came two healthy men, and they said, “We’re not going,” said Natalia.

Employees of the ambulance explained to the woman that they will not be able to raise it together. So I asked her to call a neighbor. “Thank God, he went out at night. In the Cape, such was in the war, me lowered down… In the hospital it was all good – thanks to the doctors. I don’t even know how many hours I operated. Then I woke up after anesthesia and immediately screamed, “Where’s my baby?” – said Natalia.

The musician admitted that the act employees of the ambulance caused him rage and bewilderment. That night his wife and child could die. “Natasha has lost three-and-a-half liters of blood!” – said Denis.

In the end, the couple had a healthy boy Borislav. As recognized musician, nine months before his arrival, the artist lost his beloved grandfather. According to maidanova, he believes that his heir lives in the soul of a deceased relative. “I have a feeling that it is the soul of his grandfather, moved. On baptism, he, Peter,” said the artist.

Currently, Natalia works as the Director of Dennis. In their family growing up two children: a daughter of Vlad and the son of Borislav. As admitted Maidan, for him family is the most important thing in life.