Эммануил Виторган экономит на своей дочери
In February, all stunned by the news of the birth of Emmanuel Vitorgan daughter.

Эммануил Виторган экономит на своей дочери

Young father and his wife Irina have named the baby Ethel. A couple a long time was concealing the birth of a daughter. Recently Vitorgan decided to speak frankly about the little girl that he tries to spend all his free time.

Эммануил Виторган экономит на своей дочери

“Son Maxim, all our family and friends took great news that we became parents. Since my daughter was born, we bought her a single thing because it filled up with gifts — crib, toys, suits, dresses. Maxim some things from Platos brought probably, already remember. This significantly saves us expenditure. Helps us to cope Irina mother, who flew in from Berlin, his wife’s sister, who came from Moscow, well, nanny,” said the artist.

Recall that Irina for a long time could not get pregnant because of serious health problems, but after a while it got better.

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