Emma stone falling in love again!

Эмма Стоун снова влюбилась!
The actress started a new novel.

Эмма Стоун снова влюбилась!

Emma stone and Dave Makkar


29-year-old Emma stone has finally found a new hero
his novel — literally
words. The actress, who last year parted ways with his former favorite
man actor Andrew Garfield fell in love again. Her boyfriend was
Director and screenwriter Dave Mccarey, who works in the TV show Saturday Night Live.

Paparazzi managed to shoot a few in the days when they
walked arm in arm after the performance: those who attended “the Nutcracker”, staged
on the stage of one of new York theatres, and looked, absolutely
happy. And last month their
“spotted” when they had dinner by candlelight in the restaurant. Started them
the novel, according to one friend of the actress, in early summer.

However, it is possible that Emma began secretly
meet Dave earlier, after they met in December last year
when stone was invited to take part in
TV show, Mccarey. According to mutual friends Emma and Dave, they made
just a great couple. “Mccarey — smart and gentle. Besides, he’s tall and
beautiful sports form. In short, exactly the kind of guy which likes Emma!” — said a friend of the actress.

This year was extremely successful for
Stone — and not only on a personal level. In fact, in February she was
awarded the “Oscar” for his role in the musical “La La Land”. In addition, the year
turned to stone extraordinarily fruitful from the point of view of financial
results: during the 12 months she managed to earn $ 26 million, and
took first place in the list of most successful Actresses, beating out Jennifer Lawrence,
held this position at the end of last year.

Emma Stone