Эмилия Кларк мечтает сняться с Ди Каприо в продолжении «бондианы»

Lit up in one of the most popular TV series, Emilia Clarke shared his plans for the future and talked about their ambitions regarding career.

The star of “Game of thrones” says he believes that one day, when her popularity and demand reaches a certain height, it will act in one project together with Leonardo DiCaprio.

And the project it will not be easy, but about a secret agent 007, which will embody itself Clark: “I Have a lot of unfulfilled dreams. I’d like to play Jane bond. And her partner I only see Leonardo DiCaprio”. However, would the Oscar-winning Leo to play in this kind of film is a question.

By the way, the rumors that the new bond could be a woman began to be discussed more often. But fans of James bond movies as a leading lady yet to see Emilia, and the star of “Secret materials” Gillian Anderson. If the producers of the franchise on such a Grand step is not solved, the main contender for the vacant position of a spy is Tom Hiddleston.

Yesterday Clark told about how, thanks to some dope she easily undresses in the frame.

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