Elizabeth Olsen has said that he decided to become a housewife

Элизабет Олсен заявила, что решила стать домохозяйкой
29-year-old actress is already planning to “retire”.

Элизабет Олсен заявила, что решила стать домохозяйкой

Elizabeth Olsen


One of the sisters Olsen — Elizabeth announced that her career in
Hollywood is close to completion. The star of more than twenty successful films and TV series made the decision to become
a housewife!

29-year-old Elizabeth, who, like her younger sisters — twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started acting in movies when he was a child, seem tired movie. In his recent
interview, she admitted: “Now I really want all the time to do
household chores. I like it a lot. Recently, I even started baking
bread. And the next step that I have planned to learn to make my own flour!” More
also, Elizabeth would not only leave Los Angeles, but in General
to move to another continent. “I have a dream to live in Britain. I was very
attracted to the rural hinterland — in
Suffolk, Somerset or Costwolds…” said Olsen.

However, this is her dream, apparently, will occur not soon: she’s now Dating rocker Robbie Arnetta — group Milo Green, which is based in
California. And Elizabeth, who in spite of the fact that I started Dating Robbie
relatively recently, is already planning to create Arnetta family. This means that
she is early to think about moving overseas. However, as reported by Olsen, it
satisfied with a compromise. “I would be happy if my children grew up in the house,
located in the forests of Northern California. I vividly imagine how we
we live somewhere near the rocky shore of the sea…” — shared his plans for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Olsen with Robbie Arnetta