Elizabeth II on the crown: “It is very inconvenient and heavy”

Елизавета II о короне: «Она очень неудобная и тяжелая»

To be Queen of Britain is not as easy as it might seem. It is not light, in the truest sense of the word. The Queen herself admitted that when she has to wear a crown, she can’t even look at his feet. The Queen admitted that the accessory is not only inconvenient, but dangerous.

Елизавета II о короне: «Она очень неудобная и тяжелая»

“The crown could not read it, so as to lower the head down very hard. Moreover, you can easily break your neck,” says Elizabeth II.

Weighs the crown is really quite a lot — about 1.3 kilograms. Such impressive weight her provide precious stones (diamonds, sapphires emeralds and other), which she decorated. To wear the crown the Queen had not so often. For the first time she tried on the coronation in 1953, and then wore (and continues to do) for the annual opening of Parliament.

“She has many faults, but we should note its importance and significance,” said the Queen of Britain.

Recall that monarsheskie crown is not the only burden on the shoulders of the Queen. Soon her grandson Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle. The former actress was brought to the Queen. Former actress Megan Makri, who abandoned her career for marriage with the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Harry, joined the British society. In addition to the friendship with the main beauty guru Victoria Beckham, wife of the Prince will go to Christmas service in Sandringham Palace (Norfolk) — a favorite place of Her Majesty. The Queen herself invited to the service of the future wife of Harry.

Megan and Prince Harry along with other members of the Royal family appeared at a Christmas service on 25 December in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, which is located in the Royal estates in Norfolk.

Another proof is the portrait of Meghan Markle in her office. 25 Dec Christmas day Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II delivered his annual address to the people of the British Commonwealth and the United Kingdom. The Queen appeared on video in a dress and Angela Kelly ivory, decorated with Swarovski crystals. But not the outfit Elizabeth II has attracted attention, and a portrait of Meghan Markle installed in her office.

In his speech, the Queen paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh, who recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. As she says the Queen, Prince Phillip supported her in everything. She also noted his unique sense of humor.

But without the sad events do not do, because the Queen is very worried about his people. She remembered the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, which can not think in Christmas. “This Christmas I think about London and Manchester. The inhabitants of these cities experienced a terrible event this year,” said the Queen.

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