Elizabeth II gave special honor of Meghan Markle

Елизавета II оказала особую честь Меган Маркл
Fiancee of Prince Harry was adopted in Buckingham Palace.

Елизавета II оказала особую честь Меган Маркл

Queen Elizabeth II


Fans of 36-year-old Meghan Markle, who for more than a year’s Dating Prince Harry, cheering. Became
it is known that Elizabeth II has awarded actress honored to be invited to their
the official residence. Witnesses say that Megan and Prince Harry taken in
Palace on the black Ford Galaxy.

Machine brought lovers shortly before five
the evening is a traditional time for
British tea, which the Queen, as you know, almost never
miss. Harry and Megan arrived for tea, bought your favorite snacks
Queen — tiny sandwiches
scones and muffins. Among other things, to an invitation from Elizabeth to tea, Yes to be taken to her personal small living room
it is considered a sign of special favor of the Queen.

It is curious that, according to available information,
Megan has previously met once with Elizabeth. This happened in the Scottish
the estate of the Queen in Balmoral, where the Queen spent a considerable part of the summer and
the beginning of autumn. However, then a meeting with Elizabeth Markle was purely
informal. In Balmoral as
say, Megan also met with the father of his beloved Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. The actress managed to impress them the most
a positive impression. Allegedly, Megan liked the Queen.

What Markle has now been invited to Buckingham Palace,
can be considered the next step in the introduction to the Royal family. Now
almost no one doubts that Harry had firmly determined to marry Megan. So now the only question is when
it will be announced his engagement to Markle.

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry