Муж Елены Ксенофонтовой готов пойти на примирение Alexander Red wants to restore the relationship with the actress for a daughter. According to the wife of star he is wishing he could spend a lot of time with Sonya. The man takes the position that Elena Ksenofontova intentionally wants to remove him from the child.

      Last week with Elena Ksenofontova, star of TV series “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon”, removed allegations of domestic violence against a spouse Alexander Red. Recall, the couple broke up a few months ago with the scandal – a man accused of wife beating. The court found the actress guilty, but she appealed.

      “Satisfied with it, because recently a law was passed by which the family beatings ceased to be punishable, now it is the administrative responsibility, says the “StarHit” the husband of actress. – The case was dismissed. I am ready for reconciliation with the wife for our 6 year old daughter. Elena wants and is trying to remove me from the child. See Sonia, just when I manage to pick her from the garden it is 15 minutes. Then grab “volunteers” as they called my ex-wife, a nanny, her friend, is put in the car and driven away. Somehow I refused to give the kid, say, my mom said three hours, he figured. When we are faced with Elena, Sonia does not know how to behave to anyone of the parents is not to offend. It is not necessary to deprive the child of no father, no mother.”

      Recall that a few months ago, Elena has publicly admitted to having repeatedly been the victim of domestic violence. Alexander continues to deny that he behaved aggressively towards the woman. “He came into the bedroom, grabbed me by the face and throat, threw me on the bed, sat on top… He served in the airborne. Squeezed hands and chest, began to threaten. I started gasping, trying to scream for help, because we were not home alone. He tried to choke, I fought back. When I did, scratched his face with his hands,” the actress described one of the incidents.

      Ksenofontova not write a statement to the police because they were afraid and did not want to punish the father of her daughter. But then, as told to star, “Cuisine”, she never once regretted not addressed in law enforcement bodies.