Elena’s Bat appeared a dangerous competitor

У Елены Летучей появилась опасная конкурентка
A younger version of presenter can outshine the star of “Revizorro”.

Ira Wow

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday”

On the set
project young leading TV channel “Friday!” Wow Ira as her older colleague
“Revizorro” Elena Flying, had to deal with conflict, aggression
staff and even the police.

23 Jul
the TV channel “Friday!” launches the project “Revizorro. Children” leading which
requests of children conducts rigorous inspections of playgrounds, parks
rides, pools, zoos and entertainment
centers. Wow Ira, despite his young age and angelic appearance, was
even more strict and demanding reviewer than Elena herself Flying.
Recommendation sticker from her hands can only get exemplary
representatives of the children’s entertainment industry.

Already in the first
the shooting of Irina had to defend its position not only to employees
check institutions, but also to the city administration and representatives of
power. Leading “Revizorro. Children” share the secret of how she manages to keep
composure in such situations.

“Very often
it happens that the adults begin to argue or show aggression to my
side, — said Irina. — I’m not afraid, on the contrary, it gives
confidence and motivates to work on.”