Elena Velikanova dropped 30 pounds not sitting on a diet

Елена Великанова сбросила 30 килограммов не садясь на диету
The star of the show “Citizen One” spoke about his experience of loss.

Elena Velikanova

Photo: Vadim Tarakanov/TASS

Elena Velikanova, like many a modern girl believes that to eat right and stay fit you need every day, and not to make every six months “fighting”, sitting on a rigid diet and exhausting yourself workouts. However, the actress tried not to eat after 6 and become a vegetarian, but these methods came into conflict with her body.

“If I finish my dinner, then get up in the night, attack the fridge and eat everything I find, admits Velikanova. — So I try to eat. I had a period when I didn’t eat after six. Just then I couldn’t resist and had a potluck dinner with two to three nights. I’ve never dieted. Although after the pregnancy it could, because I gained 30 pounds! The form was returned during the year, staying a nursing mother. But I developed the system balanced nutrition and a minimum of 2.5 hours every day to do yoga. Then definitely realize that it is better daily to keep track of what you eat than once a month go on a diet”.

As for vegetarianism, since Velikanova long and seriously engaged in yoga, she could not pass by this practice. The actress was a vegan for a year and a half, but then became very cold and realized that her personally is not appropriate. “If you want to be a vegetarian, then come to this must gradually: four years in addition to plant food, you can afford fish and seafood, even four — year fish and milk, the next four years — only milk…”

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