Elena Vaenga is going extreme to lose weight

Елена Ваенга намерена экстремально похудеть
The singer intends to lose at least fifteen pounds.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Instagram

Elena Vaenga, posting a picture of her twenty years, admitted that he hates himself. According to star, all due to the fact that now
it can boast of such a slender figure, which had in his youth. The singer decided to sit down
on diet and exercise. “In twenty years I weighed 60 kilograms (height
stars 177 cm
— ed.). — says Elena. — Sports and nutrition — that’s what helps. Turboslim
and other drinking-chewing nonsense — divorced stupid women. Will try the last
time. Although, of course, I realize that twenty years not forty. But there is hope! And
examples before the eyes of the heap”.

Following the first publication, the singer posted the following with
philosophical statement: “Start with a clean slate is not difficult, difficult to change
handwriting”. “And appetite,” laughs Vaenga. It is worth noting that four years ago, Elena has just
4 months to lose 15
pounds. Then, the singer has achieved this effect, not
simply restricting your diet and doing sports, but bet on concluding a large amount of money that
will be able to lose weight.

“There is, however,
some important nuances, — said the singer in an exclusive interview to magazine “7
days.” — First, to give money to someone, arguing with someone, you should immediately after
betting. Will win — will be taken. Secondly, you need not argue with
compassionate friend, and a man who just will not return the Deposit in the case
your loss. And third, at stake should stand is really solid, and
not a token amount, to not be tempted to say to yourself: “Yes, burn it blue
flame, not sorry!” Cut off all paths of retreat. When the hand reaches for the
cake, just imagine how much it can cost you, and sweet
immediately won’t”.