Elena Malysheva slimming instantly gaining weight

Худеющая Елена Малышева моментально набирает лишний вес Celebrity refers to the category of people who are constantly fighting with excess weight. Elena Malysheva complained to his followers that one trip to the restaurant gained weight.

Elena Malysheva is attentive not only to the well-being of others, but carefully watching their health. Like many celebrities, she is interested in own weight. For the sake of harmony she went to some victims: started to limit themselves in food. For example, the summer she decided to become lighter by five kilograms. It seems that the figure is low, but a similar result Elena wanted to achieve in ten days. During weight loss malyshevoy diet consisted mainly of vegetables, lean meats, also drank plenty of fluids.

“Weight loss 0 kg! Today only water and tea. In order to avoid reduced blood sugar for the whole day, I will have one Apple weighing 120 g. energy value – 60 kcal. Apples, like all fruits, contain sugar. So I will cleverly extract the sugar from the Apple. You can use just sugar – 3 teaspoons a day. All consult a doctor! With her!” – Instagram presenter gradually turns into a blog, losing weight person.

Elena could make it into a desired shape to one important event, the award “Vocation”, which is awarded to the best doctors in the country. The celebrity wore a blue dress with a deep neckline and a corset that emphasized her waist and a curvy shape.

“Everything was not in vain! Not in vain was!” – so Elena signed your picture in the dress, alluding to the fact that her efforts were not in vain.

After award Malysheva went with colleagues to the restaurant and made a lot in terms of food, especially leaned on salted meat.

“After yesterday’s holidays in the restaurant – plus 1 kg. If this happens to you, do not fear! Is water! Today’s my fasting day: 200 g white cheese (240 calories), tea and water. I hope tomorrow to be normal. You can just go to a normal diet” – shared Elena with your subscribers.

Malyshev is in no hurry to upset over weight gain. She knows that it’s all just salt, which retains water in the body. Also TV presenter said in his microblog that the award “Vocation” was attended by the parents of Stas Mikhailov. They gave Elena jam from feijoa, Cornel, and homemade soft cheese. Malyshev noted that this fermented milk product is negative – it is salty, and the plus is low calorie.