Елена Малышева показала годовалого внука The heir to the presenter loves to Tinker in the kitchen. Elena Malysheva said that in her family do, in order to prevent curious George from injuries.

      Елена Малышева показала годовалого внука

      The presenter of the popular program of the First channel “Live healthy!” Elena malyshevoy, as you know, at the end of January last year his first grandchild. The little heir to TV stars for more than a year, and the famous grandma decided to show Igor in the program, which she leads.

      However, the baby is not brought to the program, and recorded home videos, footage from which Elena Malysheva illustrated advice to young parents in the transformation of an ordinary city apartment in a secure for the child a space. “Our family is now a year-old child – said Elena Malysheva. – So the houses all blocked, nailed, all on special clamps and straps. Yes, a little uncomfortable for adults, but we worry about our Igor”.

      As we know, many dangers lie in wait for inquisitive kids growing into the kitchen, where they come after their mothers. The presenter is advised to secure this place. “Get all the knives and forks, put special latches, so that the child could not open the drawers with dangerous items, gave advice to parents Elena Malysheva. – Leave one drawer where you put pans and spoons-ladles, these items are safe, let the kid tinkering with them. We’ve done that. And our Igor happily learning to open and close the drawers, great job”.

      Елена Малышева показала годовалого внука

      While Elena Malysheva shared experiences of his family, the screen showed a video in which the presenter grandson, one-year-old Igor happily tinkering in the kitchen with pots and pans. Fans of the program “Live healthy!” could see, how sweet and cheerful boy grows up heir to the celebrity.

      It is worth noting that the first pictures of Elena Malysheva grandson a year ago also showed the audience his Sunday program “Health”. We will remind, grandma teledoctor began on 25 January last year. Grandson of leading gave her eldest son George and daughter-in-law Karina. The boy was named Igor in honour of his grandfather, spouse Helen malyshevoy. The appearance of the grandson changed the lives of both Elena and her husband. Now grandpa happily nursed with little Igor and it even changed its character. According to Malysheva, the husband became soft and manageable. “He often says that life develops in a spiral. And little Igor Malyshev is a new stage of life that his grandson and full namesake will live your best life” – shared TV presenter in a recent interview.

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