Igor Nikolaev wants the younger daughter, he was pampered

Игорь Николаев мечтает, чтобы младшая дочь его баловала The composer loves the little Veronica. Igor Nikolaev imagined what his life will be in a few years when he and his Yulia Proskuryakova daughter becomes an adult.

      Игорь Николаев мечтает, чтобы младшая дочь его баловала

      The famous composer Igor Nikolaev for the second time became a father five months ago. Charming wife of 56-year-old Maestro gave him a daughter Veronica. The baby was the second child of Igor Nikolaev, who has a grown daughter, 37-year-old Julia Nikolaeva. A celebrity already anticipating what his life will be in a few years when little Veronica will grow up.

      “I have a dream that my daughter was spoiled me, – said Igor Nikolaev in interview to journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel. Because when I grow up, I’m at that age where people want attention from their children”. Nikolaev and while he is happy to indulge Veronica, which denotes no soul. According to him, baby is growing very smiling girl, obviously waiting for this world only. By the way, star’s dad has already managed to dedicate verses to his little heiress.

      Игорь Николаев мечтает, чтобы младшая дочь его баловала

      “Daughter, my girl, soon life will teach you not give yourself life and others to torment in vain, – quoted Igor Nikolaev a couple of lines. – This is the whole point of girls!”

      It is worth Recalling that when the baby was born, the composer could not be there with his wife Julia Proskuryakova. She gave birth in Jurmala, and at this time was in Sochi at a music festival and was very upset about it. But now Igor Nikolaev tries to not step to move away from Veronica. “I’m a good dad, – says Nikolaev. Being a good dad means to me, that is, to strive to their child from anywhere in the world”. Who looks like Veronica I. Nikolaev, it’s unclear – parents protect her daughter from prying eyes on the photos Julia Proskuryakova periodically puts on Twitter is only visible fluffy sitelock and legs in rosvik pinedo. Wife of Igor Nikolaev enjoys motherhood, she feeds the daughter breast and the stage is not in a hurry. Except that made in December last year at the anniversary concert of her husband.

      Игорь Николаев мечтает, чтобы младшая дочь его баловала

      As Igor Nikolaev, he can’t wait to see the first steps of Veronica and hear her first word. He promises to do everything to make his daughter happy, but argues that to intervene in its Affairs will not be. Veronica chooses a profession, friends and fiance. “I never went in a given direction, – says the star father. – I was Jogging through life, though Veronica will shake”.

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