Елена Малышева вплотную занялась здоровьем Даны Борисовой About half of the famous blonde is undergoing rehabilitation for drug addiction. In addition, Dana Borisova even visited their colleagues on TV-the workshop of Elena Malysheva. Famous doctor has posted a video in his Instagram.

“Danochka Borisov was my guest today. Sincere, kind, struggling! I wish only one thing – to win and return to Pauline. So everything worked out for you in life. Hold on! Fight!”

Borisov thanked Malyshev for their support. “With a friend, a woman who many times helped me and my loved ones, and colleagues. She never refuses to help a stunningly purposeful!” – reported by Dana on the personal page in Instagram.

Netizens noted that Borisov looks great. “Dana, I wish you success, fortitude, and a speedy full recovery! And don’t listen to haters! They themselves just are not okay, so they broadcast their own problems like this.”, “I believe in a good cause”, “well Done”, “Dress cool. Dana, hang in there, you simple women’s happiness,” he wrote to fans of the famous blonde.

Dana Borisova in April last year, admitted drug addiction. Then the leader for several months undergoing treatment in Thailand. Back in Russia, every day she tells fans on social networks that they no longer use drugs, and demonstrates how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Borisov wants to successfully rehabilitate and return the daughter Pauline. The girl is reluctant to go on contact with a famous mother. However, Dana is confident that the successor will forgive her and decides to live with her.

The head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov personally connected to the problem Borisova. The expert monitors the condition of the leading. In his opinion, The large number of spiteful critics who deliberately spread incorrect information about it. “The society was divided into two camps: some genuinely rejoice in the success of This, others are just waiting for her to stumble! This is the human world – it will not change, but it can be done nicer, I am convinced of it”, – said the expert. Dana Borisova lost my voice because of nerves