Экс-солист «Отпетых мошенников» заявил об окончательном распаде группы Andrey Repnikov claims that the team is living out their last days. According to the man, his conflict with the guys from “dirty rotten scoundrels” because of the authorship of the songs and the rights to their execution. However, other members have not commented on this information.
Экс-солист «Отпетых мошенников» заявил об окончательном распаде группы

In the 90s the band “dirty rotten scoundrels” is justly considered to be one of the most popular Russian show-business. They had a rich repertoire consists of cheerful and lyrical songs. However, every year the demand for artists was declining.

In 2016 one of the team of soloists Andrey Repnikov was in a terrible car accident. He received multiple injuries and two weeks did not come out of the coma. Now the man is almost fully recovered, but back to the group it did not take. About the artist announced on his page in the social network.

“I denounce those who in the tank – group “inveterate Swindlers” did not already exist, they have a conflict with outgoing party Andrey Repnikov. They take it back to the group is not allowed, although he had already more or less recovered after the accident. Repnikov the author of almost all of their hits, so the group finally dead, they have no money, no producer and the whole team went to pieces. At the moment, “dirty rotten scoundrels” tour, the Duo for a little penny money, they will never be new songs and clips, they are old bankrupt artists,” this message recently appeared on the social network page of an artist.

Repnikov has refrained from any additional comments. Many friends of the musician supported him, noting that the man doesn’t want a group that is no longer enjoys its former popularity.

However, the soloists of “dirty rotten scoundrels” Sergey Amoralov and Vyacheslav Zinurov has not commented on this information. Moreover, the group still performs at concerts and various events. Members of the boy band are happy to share photos with music venues across the country.

We will remind that Andrey Repnikov performed in 2011. In the summer of 2016 the man got in a car accident, after which “dirty rotten scoundrels” began to perform a duet. Fans watched the health of the musician, was in the hospital. However, to their surprise, even after the artist has passed a rehabilitation course, he’s not back in the squad the boy band.

Despite problems with former colleagues, Repnikov not lose hope to return to the music scene. He records songs at home, making arrangements for friends and acquaintances. According to the artist, the music gives him strength to live and move on.

Recently Andrew and even posted a photo with another former participant of group “inveterate swindlers”, hinting at the creative Alliance.

“Garik Bogomazov and Andrey Repnikov. Two ex-participant of group “inveterate Swindlers”. Five to seven years no see. Something decided to “stir up”. Yes, and there is enough to talk about anything,” said the man.

Repnikova fans hope he will be able to find a common language with the former colleagues. According to them, the team still has a chance to become popular, but members of the team need to solve all the arisen contradictions between them.