Elena Letuchaya: “the other woman, I never was”

Елена Летучая: «Разлучницей я никогда не была»
Host of the program “Revizorro” commented on the rumors that she stole her husband from the family.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Immediately after the wedding Elena Flying and businessman Yuri Anashenkov appeared article, where the TV presenter was accused that she stole her husband from his wife and children. Bat believes that these publications needed publications for the rating and nothing to do with reality are not.

“It’s Fudge —
actually nobody stole anybody — says Elena. Yeah, Yura was the first official wife
second civil, but when we started the relationship, he was already
free, these women were not around. Moreover, I’ve always had a rule: I
met with married men! Well, that Yura had to do, I,
of course I did. And know that there are children. But how could it be otherwise? Jura — handsome, smart, wonderful man, it would be strange if
he for forty years not started a family! I am absolutely calm attitude to
past her husband and love of his children. It’s his kids, he loves them!
So I am too. So everything is fine. His first wife has long been not alone,
the second is also found with a young man. Problem invented and balloons
press. The stars do a lot of untruth written. That’s about me, for example, now
say I’m pregnant. Well, it’s not even funny, because for the sixth time
this story. They time called. But I’m sitting next to you in a slinky dress — you can clearly see I’m pregnant or not. Yet

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