Елена Летучая покидает шоу «Летучий отряд» из-за проблем с сердцем The presenter made an important announcement. As it turned out, Elena Bats will no longer appear in the project “flying squad”, which premiered late last year. The star explained its decision by a health problems.
Елена Летучая покидает шоу «Летучий отряд» из-за проблем с сердцем

Elena Letuchaya shared with fans the sad news. As it turned out, the star leaves the show “the Sweeney”, which launched on the First channel in November 2017. According to celebrity, she can’t continue the project because of health problems. Elena felt bad about two months ago, so was forced to stay in Moscow and work in the Studio.

To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, Volatile she explained the situation in social networks. Elena expressed the hope that the audience will understand her choice. Star decided that health is more important, so I gave up regular visits.

“I should explain that I can no longer fly as often as required by the project. To do the program, just standing in the Studio, not seeing the real problems and not helping to resolve them, and tell the program, I think unfairly. In early December, it was bad to feel and now, after a series of examinations by different doctors, the diagnosis was confirmed: “unstable angina”. Flying 2-3 times per week, as required by the program, is strictly prohibited!” noted celebrity.

Some time ago, Elena had hoped that the doctors were wrong. Therefore, the star was in no hurry to make announcements about their continued participation in the project “flying squad”. About whether to close the show, the presenter did not elaborate.

“I never thought they would put a similar post, but for now I choose health. We still had hope with the New Year, and we are waiting for doctors ‘ decision – something else, maybe just a mistake. And today came the final results. The whole December and beginning of January looking for other leading and correspondents, but alas, not so it is just “burning log hut and a horse on the move to stop,” said the star.

After leaving the “Flying squad” Elena is going to continue to work on the First channel. The star promised fans that they will see her on the screens.

Users of social networks hastened to support Volatile. They expressed the hope that Elena’s triumphant return to the screens in another project, and wished the favourite the health. “Recover”, “creative success” “You always and for all an excellent guide. Take care of yourself!” “We will wait for you in the new programs”, “You made the right decision”, – commented the fans of the stars.

On the First channel commented on the decision of Helen Bat. Colleagues of the star wished her good health and confirmed that the lead is still working with them. How long will a forced “vacation,” Helena, are not reported.

“Since December we’ve been trying to figure out how to keep the program and it does not make her a lead to fly several times a week, as it is prohibited to Lena physicians. But division of work between the correspondent on the spot and the anchor in the Studio seemed to us unconvincing, have shared in a press-service of the First channel. – So we still decided to suspend work on the “Flying squad” – hopefully, only temporarily. Elena Bat we wish you health, and with it will come up with the format, in which her talent and experience will be put to a better use”.