Elena kuletskoy hair fall out after childbirth

У Елены Кулецкой выпадают волосы после родов
A year ago Elena Kuletskaya became a mother of a charming daughter.

У Елены Кулецкой выпадают волосы после родов

After the birth of a daughter model almost every day telling their followers about the joys of motherhood.

But recently it became clear that kuletskoy after childbirth began health problems.

Elena told that she became very much hair to fall out.

“In a dark, dark room, in the dark, dark bed, in the dark, dark bathroom, in a dark, dark floor… curled Your hair! They now stir in your head? Ho-Ho-Ho! This is a good sign: it means that something is still left. The horror, the horror, the nightmare of dreamers on the hair and a nervous TIC manic neat… When your life comes, you leave the hair. Without saying goodbye, they just decide to leave your head. They are everywhere: in bed, on the floor, in the shower, in the fist of a child but not your head,” said the young mother.

I hope that Elena will be able to cope with the problems and she should not worry about the hairstyle.

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