Elena Kuletskaya fighting with her daughter

Елена Кулецкая воюет с дочерью
Model fears for her baby’s health.

Елена Кулецкая воюет с дочерью

Elena Kuletskaya

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Elena Kuletskaya fighting for a normal sleep daughter. Her manner frightens Nicky to sleep
burying his nose in the mattress. The model worried that the daughter in this position may be difficult to breathe and to during sleep sufficient oxygen. Or even, God forbid,
suffocate. So when Kuletskaya finds daughter sleeping in this uncomfortable position, she worries and tries to help her daughter.

“Of course, I stubbornly turn my head to the side Niki, — says Elena. But it is harder returns to its original
position. So we can have fun long enough, like two clockwork monkeys. Head sideways into the mattress, sideways —
mattress and so on to infinity. And I always lose… Going to cook Breakfast, but all
still twitching and jumping: plate — bed plate — bed. All the time check
as nick’s breathing. And in the night! If I Wake up and she is sleeping, I was already in heat-cold-sweat
throws heart in the heels of freezes… I’m like a maniac, hovering over her to hear,
how it breathes. Why it is so necessary to sleep? Why must the fifth point
to oklacity up, and his nose flat bury yourself in a mattress? Nick, my daughter, well not so
a place to breathe”.

By the way, similar problems plagued other young mothers.
Many babies sleep in such a strange position. No wonder
subscribers microblog stars immediately bombarded her with advice on how to organize baby sleep better, limiting the movement of the baby pillow for pregnant women and other
fixtures, fixing the baby’s head in a more natural and not
dangerous situation.

Daughter Helena Kuletskoy Nika

Photo: Instagram