Elena Ksenofontova finally sued the daughter’s ex-husband

Елена Ксенофонтова окончательно отсудила дочь у бывшего мужа
The actress thanked all the friends who were with her in difficult time.

Photo: Instagram

Almost two year lasting litigation between Elena Ksenofontova and its former civil husband Alexander of Red. After the actress told the public that have experienced domestic violence, ex-husband sued her in court. The star was found guilty of causing the man a beating due to the fact that it has fixed the scratches on the face that Elena was only self-defense…

But even more important than humiliating sentence. Red wanted to take Ksenofontova their common daughter Sophia. The final decision on this matter took place back in February, but now Elena for the first time commented on his victory.

“Despite the fact that the courts continue and I did not manage to put an end to this story, one of the most important phases I went through — says the actress. My daughter is with me. And so I have the strength to fight on. Of course, I appreciate the support very much. But about one person I want to say separately. My interests in child custody and right of contact with the child was represented by counsel Veronica Korneev. Admire her the highest professionalism. And yet — indifferent. Believe me, I’m sorry, there is nothing to compare. And so it is important, when, in addition to knowledge, experience and ability to honestly perform their duties “and from” there is something more — a sincere desire to help… Thanks for our victory, Veronica!”

With regard to the forthcoming vessels, then there is no change. Red wants to take away from Elena’s apartment in Moscow, which he officially gave her when they were together. Grounds for revocation of donation Alexander believes the verdict that Elena Ksenofontova was found guilty of inflicting the beating. Because of this the actress with two children, 7-year-old Sophia and 15-year-old Timothy, can remain without roof over the head.