Елена Бушина готова стать матерью в третий раз A young woman spoke about the new addition to the family. Elena Bushina wants to give wife another child, but is afraid that will not cope with this level of responsibility. She stressed that deeply respects every mother of many children.

Elena Bushina is considered to be one of the most popular participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. The young woman was able to find love outside the perimeter. With Dimitri she is happily married for almost eight years. The couple has two children, and fatigue to confess each other in love. Meanwhile, fans regularly discuss the alleged quarrel in star family. Even recently there was information about the impending divorce.

Elena herself denies these rumors. Moreover, now the star couple is thinking about having another baby. About this Bushina reported in his Instagram.

“Thinking about a third child, it is difficult to imagine how even a split at one a piece. Envy strong nerves mom, have three or even four children. I want to develop an easy apathy, to make it easier to cope with all the worries, but somehow it still does not work,” complained Elena.

Many fans were thrilled with the news about the possible replenishment in star family. According to them, Bushina yavyaetsya great mom, and so will be able to take care of a third child. “This is a very cool looking little. While in a relationship is love, we need to promote procreation, Only recently I read somewhere that you and Mitya in a fight. If so, you definitely need to give birth. Children strengthen marriage,” “Too think about the third, but I’m afraid. Still vospityvat children is very difficult” – opinions of fans of a young woman.

Elena herself has repeatedly admitted that the kids changed her life. Before the star of the TV show was more violent, and now she learned how to behave well balanced and calm. Bushina has admitted that continuing work on ourselves to become the best mother to my kids.

“Now I’ve learned not to panic when they see that the child has a high fever. Can a very long time to treat cough. try not to resort to antibiotics. This all comes with experience”. – told the young woman subscriptions on Instagram.

We will remind that Elena Bushina first became a mother in 2010. Zuzana couple named her son mark. In 2014, ex-member of telestroke gave birth to a daughter Laura. The young woman is not tired priznovatsya of love to heirs. She often publishes joint photos with the children and tries to spend with them all my free time.

Also Bushina has repeatedly held that spoils kids. In honor of the triennium, daughter Elena threw a great party where you had fun her finest girlfriend together with your children. The celebration was attended by Ksenia Borodina with her daughters. Young women have been friends for years and are always ready to help each other.

Fans of ex-participants of the project are confident that the heirs is incredibly similar to the star mother. They do not get tired to wonder how Elena have the strength to not only raising children, but also to the development of numerous business projects.