Избранница экс-супруга Татьяны Васильевой наживается на его имени The woman dictates the rates for communication with Georgi Martirosyan. According to insiders, the new girlfriend of a famous actor trying to get money by any means. Pals are worried that because of the greed about the artist can forget.
Избранница экс-супруга Татьяны Васильевой наживается на его имени

Actor Georgy Martirosyan, who became known for his roles in the movie “pirates of the twentieth century” and the TV series “kadetstvo”, was married twice. From the first wife, the actress Ludmilla Aristova, was born son Dmitry. Then he got married with Tatyana Vasilyeva. Together they starred in the film “the Most charming and attractive”. The actress played the girlfriend of the main character, and he got a cameo role of a visitor café. The couple have lived together for 12 years. The couple had a daughter Elizabeth.

Now Martirosyan in a relationship with a young woman Natalia. 70-year-old actor tries not to dwell on his new novel. However, some familiar unflattering comments about the beloved George. They believe that love is selfish the person who wants to cash in on its popularity.

“The lady was adventurous and quickly took George in turn. Now she “cuts coupons” on his behalf. For example, all journalists who apply for an interview, dictates the prices. To pay, of course, no one is going. As a result, the admirers Martirosyan’t know about his performances and other news. Very soon this will lead to a lack of money for the newlyweds. I wonder if you realize that Jora?”- shared with reporters insiders.
Избранница экс-супруга Татьяны Васильевой наживается на его имени

In December 2016 the program “a Perfect repair” has updated the apartment Martirosyan. At the time the presenter asked who intends to share housing a famous actor.Georgi Martirosyan in style equipped bachelor pad

“Lovely space! – estimated Barbier apartment Martirosyan. – And who will be living here? Are you the one?””Well, I’m one, and maybe someone else,” a little embarrassed answered the artist.

At the same time, journalists have calculated that George meets up with Natalia, which is twice younger than him. They were walking in one of the shopping malls and then had dinner in the restaurant. Interestingly, the ex-wife Tatiana Vasilieva was in the course of the novel, their ex-spouse. She admitted that sometimes, the Director even calls her Natasha.

“He was popular with women, for it was a real war. Often I called some women talked about their relationship, and asked that I not interfere,” said the actress in an TV interview.

According to the publication “Express Gazeta”, two years ago, Georgiy Martirosyan was represented by Natalia buddies as its Director.