Elena Bushina dreams of a third child

Елена Бушина мечтает о третьем ребенке
For eight years former member of the home electroni countries Elena Bushina happy marriage with her beloved Dmitri.

Елена Бушина мечтает о третьем ребенке

The couple have two children grow up, but they were able to keep the romance alive in their relationship. Recently Elena said she is ready to have another child.

Елена Бушина мечтает о третьем ребенке

“Thinking about a third child, it is difficult to imagine how even a split at one a piece. Envy strong nerves mom, have three or even four children. I want to develop an easy apathy, to make it easier to cope with all the worries, but somehow it still does not work,” said Bushina.

Many fans speculated that the way Elena hinted at his interesting position, and began to congratulate her with the imminent addition to the family.

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