Елена Подкаминская поделилась редкой фотосессией с дочкой
The actress began a long-awaited vacation in South Ossetia.

Елена Подкаминская поделилась редкой фотосессией с дочкой

Elena Armin van Buuren with daughter Polina

Photo: @Instagram podkaminskaya_official Elena the Armin van Buuren

Elena The Armin Van Buuren
the long-awaited break from work. To get the maximum recover
strength after hard work, the actress along with her five-year-old daughter
went on vacation in Ossetia.

Elena, which is not often
it is possible to spend time with Pauline, alone, can now enjoy fellowship with her
enough. Mother and daughter spend days frolicking in the fresh mountain air, play badminton,
gather bouquets of wildflowers, dancing in the rain and even jump on
speed skakalochka. Their happiness from a joint vacation with Pauline Armin van Buuren
willing to share with the followers on his microblog. One of the pictures Helen
cleverly signed as “the Mountain of adventure, or the Caucasian captive!”

Elena Armin Van Buuren

Photo: @Instagram podkaminskaya_official Elena Armin van Buuren

Elena tries to take a rest from the high in fact ahead of her expect shooting in a new project Yuri Bykov, whom she considers one of the most interesting young Russian Directors. According to her, she had so long wanted to work with him, fully ready to trust him and embark on “breaking bad”.

By the way, after a painful breakup with her husband, businessman Alexander Placeim autumn of last year, Elena didn’t get a chance to rest from the high in connection with this story media attention. Public recognition was given to the Armin van Buuren isn’t easy, but she has a great support group in the form of the Pope, which helped her overcome a difficult period in life.

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